What’s a Strange Flock?


In Another Life

The name strange flock came to me while I was living in Bangladesh. I was volunteering for a non-profit, and freelance design work was my main source of income. All of my clients were based in the United States, along with my professional network. I had very few people with whom I could brainstorm, have a critique session, or discuss the unique issues of a freelance lifestyle. And yet, I loved the independence and enriched experience of being a traveling freelancer.

My idea was to form an online network of freelancers who could act the way colleagues would within a company without the rigid structure of financial ties. You could post work, get and give critiques, and help each other network for clients or positions. Strange Flock seemed to be the best way to describe a group that enjoyed their independence but also community. Then came LinkedIn, Behance, and plenty of other sites, and there was no need to create such a network.

More Recently

The idea of a Strange Flock stuck with me. Michal and I have been working on various projects together since our college days. Both for clients and for each other. His skills complemented mine, and we challenged each other to better our projects and our abilities. We both have independent spirits and interests but have come together to create something stronger than the individual parts. Eventually, we decided to make it official.

Strange Flock was still in my back pocket. And it still felt right. The idea had evolved, and the logo changed quite a bit, but I’m so proud that we can be odd birds together.

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