Entry 7: Would you pay for it?


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and many others. Guess what makes all social networks the same? Well, one important feature I'm thinking about is the fact that through photos you upload anyone can create a map of places you've visited and figure out what you did, who you've spend your time with and what you did next. In fact, Instagram advertise it as a feature! And  yeah... everything stays on their cloud (butt) servers forever! Would you pay one dollar for a feature that would let to take photos and videos without the worry of being tracked? That would mean that your photos are.... yours. The memories you have by looking at them are .... yours. Cool feature... No? And thats what I was building the last few hours.

Each photo taken with a digital camera has all sorts of geo tagging data like time-stamps that pin each picture to a location and a time it was taken. And it turns out it is not that easy to remove it with code. iOS creates a NSDictionary of all the data thats stored with photos. Some of them being longitude and latitude, time it was taken, resolution and the camera it was shoot with and more than 20 other entries I didn't even take a look yet. And of course since there is no standard ( or for some other reason) each entry is duplicated because different cameras do it differently.

Same as with the other feature, I'm working on (erasing imported photos from camera roll), I'm still pretty far from completion. I need to make sure I don't erase too much data from a photo and that it works on images taken with other cameras than an iPhone one. And once it all works, I will be designing the interface. A simple on-off toggle should be enough... I think.

Time spent: 3 hours.

Total time spent on the project: 27 hours.