Entry 3: Photo Library and Camera


Now that I have some parts of the interface working,  I wanted to find all the missing pieces I might potentially use. My first step was to find a module that would import images and videos that were taken with other apps.


Importing photos from iOS Photo Library can be done through a UIImagePickerController. There are several ready-to-use modules on CocoaPods that were potential candidates. I' tried a bunch and wasn't fond of any of them. It seemed to me that Apple made some changes to the libraries developers are suppose to use while working with Photos. Many projects I checked out gave me lots of warnings saying that the functions that are used are deprecated. I've never used any library that had to use photos extensively but the warning I was getting was telling me to use PHAsset instead of ALAsset. Alright Apple... lets find something that will support your new libraries. After all I don't want to use legacy code in something that will come out in a few months.  I decided to go with GMImagePicker.  I was able to import it through CocoaPods (Yaay).


Lets move on to the module responsible for taking photos. I wanted to get something that will have an easy interface, work with images and videos, and again.... that I would be able to import through CocoaPods. Right now I think I will be using LLSimpleCamera, but I might change my mind. There are parts of it I don't like that much.


Last big part a gallery grid to display images and the gallery itself. The grid of thumbnails will be a simple UICollectionView that I wrote myself. To display individual images I will use IDMPhotoBrowser.

What I did: Integrate Photos picker to import assets from Photos library, add camera module, create a grid that will display images and connect it with a photo browser.

Time spend: 5 hours.

Total time spend on the project: 16 hours.