Entry 1: Structuring an iOS app


There are several decisions I had to make before writing any code. The first one being which language to chose. Two options were Swift and Objective-C. I'm more familiar with the latter, and I wanted this to be a quick project (famous last words) so I decided to go with the old, rusty but still great Objective-C. The old version of Secret Stache wasn't working with CocoaPods. Back then the concept was quite new and I didn't know how to use it. In order to make this new code more modular I decided to use only libraries that are on CocoaPods. I love how easy it is to update the code. I highly recommend trying it out even if you are updating an old project.

What I did: Setting up a project in Xcode, added CocoaPods, set up a Git repository on Bitbucket and researching some of the options for the interface.

Time spent: 2 hours.