App interface debugging


Pixel-perfect, beautiful and engaging iOS app interface. Custom crafted views with an extreme attention to detail. Engaging content situated inside of an app that provides constant delight. Vibrant colors with just the right amount of animations as icing on a cake. But how can you create seamless animations if your eye is too slow to notice all the misfits? Apple has included an amazing debugging tool in its new iOS. Its called Slo-Mo video. Take a look at the one I've created. Play it a few times and you will notice that the top of the screen isn't appearing at the right moment.

The first video shows the glitch I was experiencing. While recording the second one I used Slo-Mo to check what's really going on.

View transitions, buttons animations, tiny details: they make the interface simpler to navigate and create a guide for how to use the app. Its also a way to 'wow' and engage users. Encourage them to be more active. Transitions are one of the most important aspects of modern apps. So this is one of the ways we make sure it's done the right way.