Hi! I’m Michal.

I am a programmer. I build iOS apps and websites. I like solving new problems and adding to my skills along the way. I write code that is flexible, clean and free of dark corners. I'm into vintage watches and could spend days researching old movements and their history. Also pictured: Zoe, our office manager.

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Hi! I’m Katelyn.

I'm a video editor, art director and graphic designer. I believe there is no secret to the creative process. Just practice, hard work and the ability to identify a good idea when you find one. I enjoy running, pole dancing and dabbling in different languages. My interest in language is both passion and pragmatism since I have a hard time staying in one place for too long. My current stop is Barcelona!

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chloe cotter, writer, social media expert, strangeflock, freelance

Hi! I’m Chloe.


I'm a writer, business consultant, social media manager and marketing expert. For me, curiosity and an eagerness to become more deeply connected to the world around me motivates my learning and writing. My prose centres on the human experience and seeks to further unpack the answerless question of Why?

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Hi! I’m Ben.

I'm a Senior Product Designer, Web Developer and a User Experience expert from Chicago. I've been fortunate to work with a long list of clients creating software, data visualization dashboards, responsive websites, iOS apps, marketing campaigns, interactive videos and exhibition installations. 

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about strange flock


Our goal is to provide the best services for the project. Large to small, digital to print, creative to analytical, we assemble the right team for the task.

user-centric research

We look through the eyes of your audience, find their landscape and work with you to develop a creative story to convey the essence of your brand.

effective execution

Once we find the right story, we develop the best delivery mechanism. We can convey your message through branding, web, mobile and desktop apps, print, live video, animation or photography.

ongoing support

We never set it and forget it. Strange flock not only builds effective experiences but also conducts analytics reports, testing, content updates, security and overall maintenance.